Patient Testimonials

“I have had Dr. Arnold as my dentist since he opened his practice. For me, he practices painless dentistry. His expertise and his knowledge are exceptional. I trust him with any dental problems I might have. As a diabetic, he is acutely aware of what diabetes can do to your teeth and gums and I appreciate his knowledge of this disease.”
– Rick H.
February 2012

“I have been very pleased going to Dr. Gregory Arnold for my dental needs. A friend from Harrisburg who moved to Lebanon started going to him and was very pleased especially with the price of crowns. Crowns in the Harrisburg area were costing $1000.00 a tooth and I was in need of have several done. The price of Dr. Arnold’s crowns was far more reasonable than that. Since this is Dr. Arnold’s practice, he is the only dentist in his office and the staff is small and personal! That was a part that I really liked! Getting to know my dentist and him learning to know my dental needs. This was quite different from the office I was going to in Harrisburg which was more of a clinic with a very large staff and quite often you did not see the same dentist/staff each time. I was pleased with Dr. Arnold’s work and his genuine care for his patients. After my first visit, I got a personal hand written thank-you note, in which he thanked me for choosing his practice and that he would do his best to keep my teeth in the best dental care. He is very personal and it is evident he cares about his patients and wants the best for them. I would highly recommend Dr. Arnold as a dentist, even if it is a 50 minute drive from Harrisburg. It is all very well worth it!”
– Kathy
August 2012

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